Our vision

We support founders and executives to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Management Team

Erika Escoto

Chris Bargholz

Our values


We believe that great entrepreneurs come from all countries and social classes

Entrepreneurs first

We always put the interest of the startups or companies we work with first, to help founders and executives to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true


We always respect the law and you can rely on our word


We only work with the best startups and companies. If we commit to a project, we will deliver highest quality and efficiency


Through our own research, we expand current entrepreneurship limits, making quality information more accessible for everyone, thereby helping founders to be more successful

The Squad

Every client or employee that we have ever worked with will always be a part of The Squad, which means they can always count on our support

Our partners

The Venturebruck team and entire partner network is looking forward to work with you

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