Your challenge

Your company has clients or businesses in other countries, is interested in hiring the services of a foreign enterprise or even expanding its services to another country but your legal team does not understand the documents, does not have any knowledge of the legal systems and processes of those countries. This creates doubt, mistrust and can even cause serious legal problems for your Business or make you lose a possible client.

Our unique legal offer

International Legal consulting (Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and Colombia)

Translation of legal documents (Languages: German, English and Spanish)


Equity free

General legal support for your legal team (*All our services available in German English and Spanish)

Industry agnostic

For who is this service?

Law firms

M&A Firms

Consulting companies


Our promise

Thanks to our knowledge of international law and different legal systems, we can provide consulting and support services in international transactions for your business, giving you the necessary reliability and security.

Take your businessinternational with Venturebruck

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