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Most startups fail. This is because starting your own venture is extremely complex. Yet, by following a few key rules at each company lifecycle stage, most failures can be avoided. The book “Ventures Decrypted” is a comprehensive summary of how founders can bring their startup from idea to exit.


The 3 year research is based on the 40+ of the leading entrepreneurship and business books, over 100+ website articles from leading startup blogs and our experience of having worked with over 30+startups.

Officially released in February 2021

Hundred of copies already sold

Already shipped to over 15 countries

Required MBA reading at HSO Switzerland

The first readers

Alexander Fernandez
Product Manager - STIHL

"Ventures Decrypted beschreibt den Weg von einer Idee bis zum Exit aus Sicht eines Gründers. Als Produkt Manager kann ich Jedem der Innovationen innerhalb einer Firma vorantrieben möchte, dabei ganzheitliches Denken und neue Methoden nicht scheut, nur empfehlen. Produkte zu entwickeln, die die Bedürfnisse der Kunden adressieren und gleichzeitig den Unternehmenserfolg fördern ist Teil meiner Arbeit und genau hier unterstützt das Buch mit Wissen, welches sofort eingesetzt werden kann."

Dennis Hausammann
Founder & CEO - iGroove

"The book Ventures Decrypted is a great summary of concepts that we have executed in the past and what we are currently working on to scale up our business. If you want to gain a quick 360-degree overview how to be successful with your own startup, get yourself a copy of the book and avoid many costly mistakes and lots of trouble".

Patric Hauser
Student - HWZ

"Eine eigene Firma gründen, nicht nur um mein eigenes Ding machen zu können, sondern auch um finanziell unabhängig zu werden, war schon immer mein Karriereziel. Das Buch Ventures Decrypted mit den Frameworks, Anleitungen und Tipps aus der realen Welt enthält genau die Bausteine, die einem im Studium nicht vermittelt werden".

The authors

"There are two ways to build a startup. You either know what you are doing or you have enough money to make mistakes".

- Christopher Bargholz & Erika Escoto Aldapa

Who is the book for?


Anyone with a vision and “the fire inside” to make it happen can start their own business. Ventures Decrypted is a practical guidebook for students or PhDs with no business background and professionals working for a corporation or SMEs who like to prepare for the next life phase. By simply reading this one book, you have all knowhow you need to make your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur become reality.


Pushing your startup to the next level is oftentimes difficult, as you are caught up in your daily operations where it becomes difficult to zoom-out and reflect on what actually matters. Ventures Decrypted helps you to make sense of all the information around you, so that you can make the best decisions and grow your startup to the next level.

Innovation & VC professionals

Ventures Decrypted is not just a book for entrepreneurs, but also for anyone working with startups or who wants to get into the startup and innovation ecosystem. By reading this one book, you will gain the knowhow to progress your career to the next level.

HSO's Executive-MBA required reading

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